The all-new Notifications feature gives PerfectPass administrators the option to send instant email and SMS alerts to parents and guardians when a student is assigned an incident. 

An SMS alert

The notification messages are fully customizable with PerfectPass data fields including student name, ID, incident information, detention information, and school-defined custom data.


  • Messages are sent to Recipients and/or Notification Groups when the incident is assigned
  • Notification Groups are comprised of Recipients
  • A Recipient is needed before using the Send a Notification Incident Action
  • The message is sent once and may be rejected if the recipient has not subscribed to email or has replied STOP to SMS text alerts.

Get started

  1. Add a Notification Recipient
  2. Create notification template
  3. Use the Send a Notification Incident Action to start sending messages


The Recipients tab shows the list of recipients who have been added to PerfectPass. Add a notification recipient.

Notification Groups

The Notification Group tab shows the list of Notification Group. Create a notification group.

Notification Flag

The Notification Flag is an on-screen alert that is triggered based on information in the student record.