Add a Notification Recipient to PerfectPass.

Open Notifications

  1. Administration > Notifications
  2. Click the Recipients tab
  3. Click MANAGE > Add a Notification Recipient to open the Create Notification Recipient screen

  4. Complete the First Name and Last Name fields
  5. If the recipient is a parent or guardian of a student, enable the Is Guardian checkbox

  6. Enter the student last name then select the student from the list

  7. Click the + button to add the student

  8. A recipient can be parent or guardian to more than one student. Add any remaining students before proceeding by repeating Steps 6-7 then continue the remaining steps.

  9. Enter the recipients email and/or SMS number.

  10. Click the + button to add the Email and/or SMS phone number.

  11. Click Save to return to the Notifications screen

A recipient must click the subscription link in the confirmation email to receive additional notification emails from PerfectPass. A SMS will automatically be subscribed and can reject SMS alerts at any time by replying STOP.