PerfectPass - v1.13

What’s new

Notifications Enhancements

We have introduced several improvements to the notification system, providing you with better visibility and control over the communication process:

  • Notification History

You can now view a record of messages sent to recipients. This feature allows you to track and monitor the delivery status of notifications.

  • Confirmation Status

The recipient confirmation status is now conveniently displayed in the Student Guardians tab. This enhancement provides you with instant visibility into who has confirmed the receipt of notifications.

  • Subscription Management

Visiting the Opt In and Unsubscribe email links now takes recipients to a dedicated management page. This user-friendly interface allows recipients to opt in or unsubscribe from notifications at any time, ensuring better control over their communication preferences. Additionally, recipients that had opted out from email can now opt in by visiting either the Opt In or Unsubscribe links from a previous alert.

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