PerfectPass Mobile - v1.1.0 (25) Release

PerfectPass Mobile - v1.1.0 (25) includes the following changes:

  • Detention Check-in - Instantly check students into detentions by scanning the student ID card or by choosing the student in the detention roster. Access the new feature by selecting Detentions from the PerfectPass Mobile menu
  • Printing
    • Support for the Zebra ZQ310 mobile printer
    • Less wait time between print jobs
    • Increased font size on slips
    • Slips grow/shrink automatically based on content
  • User Interface - Enhanced the Student screen for iPod Touch devices
  • Login - Disabling the login screen Remember Me option will erase stored user credentials
  • Performance - Improved photo caching

PerfectPass Mobile is available for download from the App Store today.