EliteID - v1.4.0.747

What’s new

  • Signature capture (Setup)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed Copy Tenant not copying Lists with credential fields
  • User fields can now be renamed without affecting data import mappings
  • The CloudCard integration now uses the latest endpoints
  • Designer - Fixed Properties panel text becoming selected when using SHIFT
  • Designer - Fixed barcode text not matching the selected font
  • Designer - Fixed barcode text becoming skewed when resizing the barcode
  • Designer - Added Credential fields to the barcode / QR code data field picker.
  • Designer - Added Credential fields to the Dynamic Color and Dynamic Visibility field picker
  • Designer - Fixed the card alignment tool adding decimal values to the location width and height
  • Designer - Moved the card alignment button's tooltip to fix a flickering issue
  • Designer - Fixed an issue with Dynamic Color's default color resetting to black
  • Designer - Text/Data objects will now grow with font increases to prevent text clipping
  • Designer - Added the Norwester font (Requires updating VDS PrintManager)
  • Designer - Google fonts now show a correct preview