EliteID - v1.1.2.520


  • Enabled EliteID user licensing (documentation)
  • ISO Management is available as a Subscription Add-on
    • User Defined ISO Pools (assign 16-digit ISO sequentially/randomly to credentials)
    • Credential Expiration Date (Static date or user defined Days/Months/Years)
    • User Defined Print Reasons with Keep/Replace ISO assignment logic
    • Added ISO field encoding to the ABA Magstripe Template
    • Added ISO related fields to Lists
    • Added ISO related fields to the Card Template Designer (ISO, ISO Parse, Previous ISO, Expiration Date)
    • Added user permissions for ISO Management View, Edit, Delete
    • The Credential pane will display ISO Parse, Previous ISO, Expiration Date, User Defined Print Reason, and Pool Name for credentials that are associated with an ISO Pool


  • Fixed a display issue with Google fonts in the picker
  • CloudCard related fields are hidden for clients not using the CloudCard integration
  • Designer - Fixed Dynamic Color "Field" values not saving
  • Fixed an issue with card templates not fully loading in the preview or at print time when the template contained a Photo that used the "Prompt" option. The Prompt option has been temporarily removed until it can be re-added in a future update.


  • Cosmetic updates to List setup
  • List data is refreshed after a batch print
  • Designer - Pre-data and post-data labels now have an "Add Space Character" option - applies to Data and Name objects
  • Added additional fields to the Card Template Designer (Card Count, Last Printed, Last Printed By, Print Reason, Note)
  • First Name Preferred is available in the Data object pick list