EliteID - v0.0.53.490



  • Designer - Name object ignored dynamic visibility
  • Designer - Removed Credential fields until fully implemented
  • Designer - Fixed the pre-data label not allowing a space after the label "Label: [data]"
  • Designer - Text objects now support multiline input up to 1024 characters
  • Designer - Dynamic  Color/Visibility - Selecting a Database Field Name is now mandatory when Choose by: Field is selected
  • Designer - Fixed an issue with Dynamic Color and Visibility settings not saving
  • Designer - Choosing a Database Field Name is now required for Data and Barcode objects 
  • Designer - Removed the Visible/Opacity setting for Barcode and QR Code objects
  • Designer - Removed Bahnscrift font due to a compatibility issue
  • Fixed an issue with the Card Template thumbnail not updating after leaving the Designer
  • Fixed an issue with Firefox displaying blank camera names in the photo capture interface