PerfectPass - v1.11.0.870

PerfectPass - v1.11.0.870


  • Use the all new Manual incident type to select the specific Slip, Detention, and Points instead of following a predetermined incident rule. (See usage / setup)
  • RapIDscan - Use the all new Multi-Pick Mode to assign multiple incidents per lookup
  • Dashboard - Added an Upcoming Detentions widget


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to delete a shared Tenant's Notification Templates
  • Assign Incident - Fixed the Save button becoming active before the detention meeting time was selected
  • Deleting an incident (in Discipline > Incidents) did not remove students from their assigned detentions

Usability Improvements

  • The Auto Assign Days Out setting can range from 1-999 days now
  • The Recipients page now includes a search bar
  • The Scheduling page now includes a search bar and a Detentions Only filter