PerfectPass - v1.7.0.521

PerfectPass - v1.7.0.521


  • Choose the Incident that is selected by default in the Create Incident screen.  User > PerfectPass Settings > Detentions
  • RAPIDSCAN now features incident date/time override
  • RAPIDSCAN now features searching by student name and custom fields
  • Modify an existing detention schedule's capacity
  • Customize the SMS subscription notification text. Administration > Notifications  > Manage > Settings


  • Redesigned the Notification Templates screen
  • Tenant name is now included in the initial SMS subscription notification
  • Moved the delete student button into the Student Edit screen
  • The Students [Incident] tab now displays each incident's count in superscript
  • Slips now have: larger font size, simplified text and design, added "Issued by" and "Station ID" to slip footer.
  • Added process to clean up previous data imports. The Data Management screen now lists the last 10 imports only.
  • Fixed the Add an Incident form resetting whenever you chose the incident last
  • The Student Incident API now supports datetime parameters


  • Prevent duplicate custom data field names