RapIDcard provides two separate methods to individually upload photos to records.

Option 1- Find and Print

1. Open Database -> Find and Print

2. Search the person

3. Use the Import Photo button

4. Browse to the jpg file and click Open to upload it

Option 2- Capture Source

The Utilities -> Capture Source setting affects how the PHOTO button functions. The Capture Source can be set to File to allow the RapIDcard user to select an image to upload to the record. When multiple RapIDCard workstations are in use we recommend Option 1 Find and Print to avoid unintentionally affecting other workstations.

Set the Capture Source to File

1. Login to RapIDcard

2. Open Utilities > Capture Source (Make note of what Capture Source is selected)

3. Set Utilities -> Capture Source to File

Upload the image

1. Open the database 

2. Quick find the person

3. Use the Photo

4. Browse to the jpg file and click OK to upload it

After the upload is complete and no more images need to be uploaded, revisit the Capture Source setting to set it back to the original Canon or Direct Show setting.