Note: Please do not install applications or utilities found on the Canon Installation CD as it may conflict with the application.

Check for Elite v7.20.0.177 or RapIDCard Pro v7.17.0.90 or later

  1. Launch Elite or RapIDCard Pro
  2. Select Help > About

Complete the following steps on the camera before connecting it to the workstation:

  1. Disconnect the camera from the PC
  2. Insert the memory card into the camera 
  3. Install the AC Adapter kit 
  4. Set the shoot mode (twist dial on camera) to P (Program) mode
  5. Power the camera ON 
  6. Press the MENU button on the camera
  7. Navigate to the first yellow wrench with one dot 
    1. Set Auto Power Off to Off 
  8. Press the MENU to exit

Select the Canon capture source:

  1. Launch Elite or RapidCard Pro
  2. Select Utilities > Capture Source > Canon
  3. The PHOTO button will now activate the Canon camera

This concludes the setup instructions. If you experience an issue after performing all of the above steps please contact Vision Database Technical Support at or 561-748-0711 x 3 for Support.