Click Start > type in ODBC

Choose ODBC Data Sources (32-bit) or (64-bit) from the result list

  • IDMS users - choose 32-bit
  • RapIDutilities (64-bit) users - choose 64-bit
  • RapIDutilities (32-bit) users - choose 32-bit 

Go to the System DSN tab

Click Add > then choose SQL Server or SQL Server Native Client 11.0

Click Finish

  1. Enter a Name (you can use any name)
  2. Enter the Server name provided by your administrator
  3. Click Next

Choose With SQL Server authentication...

Enter the Login ID and Password provided by your administrator

Click Next

Enable Change default database to

Choose the database name provided by your administrator

Click Next

Click Finish

(no need to change anything on this screen)

Click OK to finish