Open the database

  1. Login to RapIDcard
  2. Open the database (Database > Open)
  3. Choose the .DBL file then click OK

Quick-find the person

  1. Click Quick Find
  2. Enter search terms (ID or first / last name)
  3. Click Next to find the person if more than one result is shown when searching by name

Capture their photo

  1. Click Photo to open the live video capture interface.

  2. Click Capture to record a still frame.

  3. Click OK to proceed to the cropping step, or Retry

  4. Crop the photo by left-clicking and dragging the box, or drag a handle to resize it.

  5. Click OK to save the photo. It will be attached to the person record automatically. This action cannot be undone.

    Optionally, click the Adjust button to adjust color and brightness/contrast properties.