Each PockeTracker client device must be registered on the PockeTracker Gateway before it can be used to scan IDs.

Registering a new device consists of creating (or cloning) a Terminal in the PockeTracker Gateway server, then choosing that Terminal from the PockeTracker client device.

Clone a Terminal

  1. Login to the PockeTracker Gateway using an administrator account
  2. Go to Admin > Terminals
  3. Click Clone beside an existing Terminal. This is the easiest way to deploy new devices using the same Terminal configuration.

  4. Enter a new Terminal Name. Leave Device ID blank as the PockeTracker client will automatically populate the field in later steps.
  5. Click Create

Choose a Terminal

  1. Install PockeTracker on the iOS or Android device
  2. Open PockeTracker
  3. Enter the PockeTracker Gateway Location (look at an existing device's Settings > Gateway & Terminal Configuration screen to get this info), tap Submit
  4. Choose the terminal created in Clone a Terminal, tap Submit

  5. Test the registration by entering/scanning/searching an ID

Next, you might need to Setup Scanning Hardware