RapIDutilities import maps can be modified to include additional data fields. 

In the following example we will add Middle name to an import map named Students. 

NOTE: The data field must already exist in the import file in order for it be be an available field in the Edit Import Map screen. The file is referenced as Import File in the Import map preview.

1.    Open RapIDutilities

2.    Go to the Import tab

3.    Select the Students map then click Edit

4.    Click Set Columns/Preview to ensure the MIDDLE column is shown and will be an option in the next steps. If it isn't, double-check to see if the Import File contains the column.

5.    In Current Data Source, left-click the column header for MNAME to add it to Import Mappings. You might need to scroll right to find the column.

6.     Select the Import File Column droplist under MNAME then choose MIDDLE

7.    Click Save

You're done! The Middle name field has now been added to the Students map.