Print passes, warnings, and detention slips using the Zebra ZQ310 mobile printer. Follow the below instructions to begin using the ZQ310 with PerfectPass Mobile.

Zebra ZQ310

Zebra ZQ310

Zebra ZQ310 Product Specification Sheet

To re-order paper dial 1-877-727-4322, option 2 for Sales.


Note: Load printer media and charge the Zebra ZQ310 for 1 hour before completing the next steps.

  1. Power on the Zebra ZQ310

  2. From the iOS device open Settings
  3. Open Bluetooth
  4. Turn on Bluetooth
  5. The ZQ310 will be identified under OTHER DEVICES by its Serial Number (SN).
       Note: The 14-digit printer SN is printed on the underside of the unit and starts with the letters XX.
  6. Tap the SN listed under OTHER DEVICES
  7. After a moment the ZQ310 SN will be listed under MY DEVICES and indicate CONNECTED

  1. Open PerfectPass Mobile
  2. Open Menu > Settings
  3. Enable Enable Printing 
  4. Tap Discover Printers 
  5. After a brief moment the printer SN will appear, tap the printer SN.
  6. The printer details will auto-complete the Printer Name and Mac Address fields.
  7. Navigate away from Settings to save