This guide covers installation of PockeTracker RG onto a Windows Mobile 5/6 Computer using a (host) Windows XP, 7, or 8.1 desktop computer.

Software & Operating System Requirements

  • PockeTracker RG v2.3.1 and 2.3.9 files (2.3.1 Desktop Installer & 2.3.9 Update Patch)
  • Note: VDS Support login is required to download PockeTracker RG and will be provided separately
  • Windows XP/7/8.1
  • Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

Hardware and Accessory Requirements

  • Windows Mobile Computer
  • USB Sync Cable or Sync-Charge Cradle

Installation Preparation

  • Use a Windows PC to download PockeTracker RG v2.3.9 zip 
  • Extract the zip file to a known location (Windows Desktop for example)

Pair the Windows Mobile device

  1. Connect the Windows Mobile device to the host computer using OPTION 1 or OPTION 2:
  2. Set up your Device Partnership
  3. When you connect your Windows Mobile to the host computer the Windows Mobile Device Center will automatically launch on your computer.
  4. A successful connection will indicate Connected (as seen below)
  5. Click Connect without Setting up your device

Install PockeTracker RG

  1. Launch the PockeTracker RG Setup Wizard
  2. Run the Pocketracker RG.exe file
  3. Click Install to begin
  4. Proceed through the next few prompts by clicking Next
  5. Check the Windows Mobile device for prompts – you may need to tap a button to continue
  6. The Setup Wizard should automatically soft-reset the Windows Mobile device, or you may need to tap Finish to exit the Setup Wizard