The Blackboard Transact module for IDMS features MIFARE 1k, 4k, and DESFire EV1 encoding.

The Blackboard Transact configuration is stored in two locations: the IDMS environment (INI) and BBConfig.xml. When migrating IDMS you must migrate both the BBConfig.xml and IDMS environment file(s) to the new IDMS workstation.


From the existing IDMS workstation

  1. Browse to C:\ProgramData\Blackboard\Datacard\SDPlugin\
  2. Copy BBConfig.xml

On the new IDMS workstation

  • Browse to C:\ProgramData\Blackboard\Datacard\SDPlugin\
  • Paste BBConfig.xml, overwrite the existing file if necessary

The next step is to ensure Blackboard Transact can log data.


Blackboard Transact writes log data to C:\ProgramData\Blackboard\Datacard\SDPlugin\. By default the User group, and the logged in Windows user, does not have modify rights to this folder, causing errors when Blackboard Transact cannot successfully write to the log files.

Add Modify rights to the Users group:

  1. Right click the SDPlugin folder
  2. Open the Security tab
  3. Select the Users group
  4. Add the Modify right
  5. Click Apply and exit

Full list of required rights:

  • Modify
  • Read & Execute
  • List folder contents
  • Read
  • Write


If the BBconfig.xml is not migrated you may experience encoding error(s):

  • ERROR: Unable to Authenticate with PICC Master Key - Card can not be formatted