Download and install the RapIDtag application

  1. To download RapIDtag send an email to to request the download link.
  2. Extract the zip file to a known destination folder
  3. Run setup.exe as an Administrator
  4. Set the installer option to allow Everyone to use RapIDtag

Configure RapIDtag

Note: RapIDtag requires a 64-bit SYSTEM DSN connection to the IDMS database. You must first establish the DSN connection before using it in RapIDtag. For more information about creating a 64-bit SYSTEM DSN please reference Add an ODBC Data Source.

  1. Run RapIDtag as an Administrator
  2. Click File > Configuration
  3. Select the DSN you previously created from the DSN droplist
  4. Enter the Table name where the cardholder records are stored (IDCARD is the default table name for IDMS)
  5. Enter the database username and password
  6. Click Show Data Fields to test the database connection and retrieve a listing of fields from the table specified in Step 4
  7. Configure the Lookup field - drag and drop the field that RapIDtag will search to find a record. ISO is the default Lookup field for IDMS installations.
  8. Configure the Tag ID field - drag and drop the field that will store the contactless number.
  9. (optional) Configure the Old Tag ID field - drag and drop the field that will store the old tag ID. If configured, RapIDtag will move the Tag ID value into Old Tag ID if a Tag ID value exists in the database for the specified record
  10. (optional) Configure Facility Code - drag and drop the field that will store the card's Facility Code
  11. (optional) Configure Facility Code & Tag Separator if you configured a facility code in Step 9. Possibly options include hyphen, colon, or space
  12. Timer for Tag Reader is the timeout period or time allowed for the RapIDtag user to tap the contactless card
  13. Click Save to save and exit
  14. RapIDtag is now fully configured and ready for use

This concludes the installation and configuration for RapIDtag. If you require installation assistance please contact VDS Technical Support at 561-748-0711 x 3 or