This guide provides instruction to install the Scan Technology MB2000 magstripe reader onto a Windows PC.

In the factory-default state, the MB2000 will output data from all available magnetic tracks. This guide also contains instruction to program the MB2000 to only output certain information from the magnetic stripe tracks.

Universal Programmer Application Setup

Download and install the Scan Technology Universal Programmer

Download link

A username and password is required. Please contact VDS Support at 561-748-0711 (Option 3) to request the download password.

Connect the MB2000 to the PC for programming

Connect the Scan Technology MB2000 magnetic stripe reader to the Windows PC

  1. Connect the reader to the PC using the included USB cable

Launch the Universal Programmer utility

Open the Universal Programmer shortcut located on the desktop:


or click Start > (All Apps) > Scan Technology > Universal Programmer

Select the USB device for programming

  1. From the Universal Programmer interface, click File > Select Device
  2. Select the USB Device from the list and click OK

Select Input Device

(Example screenshot of the File > Select Device and Select Input Device window)

Setup the MB2000 to output 16-digit ISO number

Now that the USB Device is selected you may begin programming the MB2000 to suit your needs. The next set of instruction will program the reader to output the 16-digit ISO number off Track 2.

  1. From the Universal Programmer interface, click File > Edit Configuration
  2. Click the Magstripe tab and enter the below settings into your own configuration screen

Universal Programmer - Magstripe Configuration

Make special note of the Magstripe changes:

    1. Set Enable Tracks: 2
    2. Set Require Tracks: 2
    3. Data Output Mode: Field Data
    4. Field Output Mode Settings / Output Order: Acct #

  1. Click OK to exit the Magstripe configuration settings
  2. Click Yes to the following messages that may appear
 "Do you want to send the Configuration to the Input Device?" - Yes
 "Are you sure you want to send the configuration to the reader?" - Yes

Test the reader

Now that the MB2000 programming has been modified to output 16 digit ISO from Track 2 we recommend testing the reader to ensure the changes are accurate and applied successful. To test the reader we recommend using Windows Notepad. 

  1. Open Windows Notepad
  2. Click into Notepad to place the cursor there
  3. Swipe the magstripe card through the MB2000 reader

Before programming the reader you should see similar output from a 2 track card encoded in ABA format:
%B1234560000000306^SMITH/JOAN A       ^49121200000010010 000?

After programming the reader using the above steps: