IDMS & RapIDcard Pro help to enforce business rules by featuring various field types for User and System fields. 

Note: The available data types fields can be chosen alone or in combination with other field types.

Available data types

  • Hidden - This field status will hide the user label and input field.
  • Text Box/Default - This default field status is the typical option to choose for an editable field. It permits free-form data entry.
  • Drop List - This field status creates a drop-list field that may either contain a predefined static list of items or a dynamic computed list from the database
  • Password Masked -  Information held in Password Masked field is represented by asterisks, while the true value is stored in the database. Useful for hiding private information such as SSN.
  • Required - A field marked Required must be completed prior to saving the record or printing the record. It is optional and can be combined with other field types.
  • Read Only - A field marked Read Only cannot be modified by the user, system administrator, or software application. We recommend using the Read Only setting for any user fields mapped to computed database columns as the software application will not include them in the database UPDATE command.
  • Clone - Using the Clone data type allows you to automatically include the same information in a new record. To use the Clone feature when adding a new record the operator must right-click the Add/Clone button while on an existing record.
  • Encrypted - Data values can be encrypted at the database level for all fields defined as Encrypted. We recommend using this option for FIS-specific fields to conform with PCI Compliance.
  • System Read Only - A field marked System Read Only can only be updated by the software application and is typically used for ISO, ID Number, or Library Pools only. Do not use this setting for computed database columns or other database fields that do not permit modification by SQL UPDATE query.

Defining the Data Layouts

The Data Screen Configuration menu is accessible by logging into IDMS or RapIDcard Pro and opening Utilities > Setup > Database > Data Layout Define:

Data Screen Configuration